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Holy Trinity Primary School June 2013


Holy Trinity Primary School in Dartford, an able bodied school, held a disability awareness week, so that the children could understand the difficulties of people with disabilities. A variety of people and groups were invited to the school to demonstrate their skills. The school also hired wheelchairs so that the children could experience the difficulties of moving about the school and class rooms.



<< The cicrcle dance








The teacher's circle dance>>







Thameside spent a morning demonstrating a variety of forms of wheelchair dancing and ran two workshops of line dancing with children on foot and in wheelchairs. It was a great success with everybody including the teachers taking part. The session was extended with questions and chat, when we sat with the children over lunch. Next time we have been asked to attend for a whole day so that more children can participate. We have since received thank you letters from three of the students.


It was a wonderful experience and we look forward to our next visit.


After the event we were very pleased to receive the thank you letters below from some of the children (click on the images to read them in full).



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